As a woman and a mother it is difficult to put into words the love I have for my family. I really feel that only another mother can understand how I feel about my children. I assume that if you are reading our blog, you or someone you know is considering placing your child in the care of another. This is a decision that I believe is the hardest and most selfless that a mother will ever make. As a nurse I have sat countless times and watched as a loving birth mother placed her child into the arms of another mother; hoping and praying that she made the right decision. I don’t know if this path is right for you, only you can know that, but please know that we are praying that you will find what is best for you and your unborn child.

As you look into the possibility of placing your child for adoption we would love if you would consider our home and family.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

About Us

Matthew and I are best friends. I feel so lucky to have found my soul mate to share my life with. He completes me and makes me want to be a better person. When I am with him I feel so happy and alive. He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and he often finds ways to help me accomplish goals that I have set. I will never be able to put into words the love and gratitude I feel for him. We LOVE the outdoors and met while working as counselors for an outdoor survival program in the desert of Arizona. We became friends immediately. We were best friends long before we decided that there was more than friendship in our relationship. We discovered this while river guiding in Northern Idaho. We love to hike, river raft, rock climb, snow ski, fish or anything outdoors with each other and our children. We both grew up playing sports (Matthew playing soccer and Holly playing volleyball) and have enjoyed watching our children develope thier talents in these areas. Matthew currently coaches the high school soccer team which has allowed us many opportunities to be involved with athletics in the community. We believe that the more experiences we give to our children the more well rounded people they will become.

Matthew and I believe that a strong family is the most important thing in life.  We both came from wonderful families who encouraged us to follow our dreams. It is our wish that our children feel loved and supported always, regardless of the path they choose in life, and like our own parents we hope that we can help our children follow the dreams they set for themselves.  Family is what gives us the courage to be our best selves.  Although, parenting is by no means a walk in the park, Matthew and I feel that we are ready to bring another child into our home. When we were engaged, over 12 years ago, Matthew asked how I felt about possibly adopting children. I didn't even have to think about my response to that question, I already knew in my heart the answer, I would love to adopt. In the first ten years of our marriage we finished our educations and were blessed with 3 wonderful sons. After the birth of our third son, my doctor said it would be best if we didn't have anymore children. I had become extremely sick with each pregnancy and each child was born earlier than the last. Our third son was born 2 months early. We decided after the recommendation of our doctor that when the time was right we would try and adopt children instead of risk my health or the health of another child. We believe very strongly in a loving Father in Heaven and feel he has encouraged us to grow our family through adoption. That dream to adopt came true for our family a year and a half ago when our little Kai came into our lives through adoption. No matter how a child becomes part of your family, they are your family.  We now feel very strongly that there is another child that is meant to bless our home.

Our Boys

We have been so blessed to have 4 amazing sons. They are each so different, yet each of them has brought us so much joy and happiness. They are such good friends to each other. The other day our son  Enoch was asked by a friend who his best friend was, I was so pleased to here him answer, "my brothers". Now they have had their share of arguments, but they always have forgiven each other, I pray that they will continue to love and serve each other as they grow and develop.


When I think of our oldest son Isaac, I just think sweetness. He is the most selfless, loving boy. He will give up anything for his little brothers, a friend, his family, or a stranger. He is extremely intellegent and knows so many things that I don't. I learn stuff from him everyday. Isaac LOVES to snow ski, and in fact says it is better than Christmas. Isaac also likes to hip hop dance, rock climb, and read. Isaac is pretty much up for anything. He loves to try new things, and even if it doesn't come easy, he works really hard to be the best he can. We feel so lucky that God sent Isaac to us first. He is a great example and friend to his little brothers and everyone that he meets.


Our second son Enoch, is just full of joy. He is a true people person. Everywhere we go he is the life of the party. People just flock to his contagious spirit and smile. Enoch makes friends faster than anyone I know. I don't think he has ever met a stranger, he thinks he is everyones best friend. He really loves school, but I am not sure if it is the school part or the social part he likes best.  He loves to be outside fishing, rock climbing, riding his bike, or just playing in the yard this year he has decided that his new passion is basketball and that is all he wants for Christmas. He is also becoming a very good little defensive soccer player. Enoch has brought so much laughter into our home through his quick wit and humor.


Ezekial, Zeke, I always call him my miracle baby, because he was born 2 months early. He may have started out small, but he has a huge spirit and personality. Zeke thinks he is 10 years old like his big brother. Zeke is obsessed with balls. it doesn't matter if is a football, basketball, soccer ball, or golf ball he knows what to do with it, and he is really good at it. He played soccer competatively for the first time this year and he loved it. His smiling while running was a beautiful site. All things athletic come really naturally to him. Like his older brothers he loves to be outside. He is his dads best fishing buddy and will go with him when no one else is in the mood. What a great little miracle Zeke has turned out to be in our home and family.
Kai has the ability to bring people together with his strong and wonderful spirit along with his deep brown eyes which have caused everyone he meets to fall in love with him. He is such an inquisitive and intelligent little boy. His new thing is music and he loves to dance and swing his little arms. You can find him following his brothers and trying to do what ever they are doing. We feel so blessed and appreciative to have a close relationship with his birth family. It has been very important for us to help him know how loved he is not only by us but also by those that placed him in our home. We were not only blessed with a handsome and healthy baby boy but we also gained an extended birth family.